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Working Papers
The Iterative Deferred Acceptance Mechanism (with Rustamdjan Hakimov)
November 2017
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College Admissions with Multidimensional Reserves: The Brazillian Affirmative Action Case (with Orhan Aygün)
November 2017
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Assignment Maximization (with Mustafa Oguz Afacan and Bertan Turhan)
September 2017
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Competitive Screening and Information Transmission (with Chiu Yu Ko)
July 2017
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Iterative Versus Standard Deferred Acceptance: Experimental Evidence (with Rustamdjan Hakimov)
Revise and Resubmit, The Economic Journal
November 2016
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Strategic Schools under the Boston Mechanism Revisited (with C.-Philipp Heller)
Social Choice and Welfare, Volume 48, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 545-572
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Fair Implementation of Diversity in School Choice
Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 97, May 2016, Pages 54-63
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Studies on the Effect of the Expressiveness of two Strategy Representation Languages for the Iterated N-Player Prisoner's Dilemma (with D. Queiroz and J. Sichman)
Revue d'intelligence artificielle, Volume 25, 2011, Pages 69-82
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Research in Progress
Designing Heaven's Will: Assigning Civil Servants by Drawing Lots in Imperial China (with Li Chen)
Simple choice mechanisms (with Rustamdjan Hakimov)
Fair and consistent hiring by ranking and rules (with Azar Abizada)

Publications in Portuguese
Endividamento Externo e Controles de Capitais: Uma Analise Computacional de um Modelo Macro-dinamico Pos-keynesiano (with J. Oreiro)
Estudos Econômicos, Volume 36, Number 4, 2006, Pages 747-777